Hera Classic

RS Hera Classic: for a stable seat in the jumping area

Meet the RS Hera Classic jumping saddle, carefully designed to respect both the horse's anatomy and the rider's natural movement. With advanced cushioning and support technologies, this saddle minimizes pressure on the horse's back and provides a comfortable and secure seat for the rider during jumping.
In jumping, the saddle is an important element in working with your horse. The perfect fit of the RS Hera Classic jumping saddle improves the rider's balance and allows effortless synchronization with your horse's movements.
Because we know that every pair of rider and horse is unique, this saddle offers several options for tree sizes, curves and other adjustments. This flexibility allows for a custom fit, tailored exactly to the needs of you and your horse.
Made of premium materials, the RS Hera Classic jumping saddle guarantees durability and long-lasting reliability.

The RS Hera Classic: