Athena Pro

RS Athena Pro: for optimal cooperation between horse and rider

Our Athena Pro dressage saddle is carefully tuned to respect the horse's anatomy and the rider's natural movements. The RS Athena Pro features advanced cushioning and support technologies that reduce pressure on the horse's back while ensuring a comfortable and stable seat for the rider.

The key to becoming a better rider lies in optimal cooperation with your horse. With its optimal fit, the RS Athena Pro makes it easier for the rider to stay balanced and better follow the horse's movements.
Of course, such an optimal fit can vary from rider to rider and horse to horse, but that's no problem with this saddle: there are a variety of options for tree sizes, rockers, stirrup placement and other adjustments to create the best fit for you and your horse.
Of course, the RS Athena Pro dressage saddle is manufactured from high-quality materials. The saddle is completely designed to withstand intensive use and the challenges of equestrian sports.

The RS Athena Pro: